The Prince Is Coming is coming to a park near you! (Some of you.)

On Sunday, September 27th, at 2 pm, touche pas and Jesse and Forever present the premiere of Rachel Rizzuto's first choreographic project in NYC: The Prince Is Coming. The performance will be held in Maria Hernandez Park, in Bushwick, in the park's center circle. It is a free performance. The cast of 12 dancers and two musicians offer a humorous and entirely fictional exploration of feudal system serfs and their private lives. Expect dirty faces, medieval coifs and feigned drunkenness. Featuring the talents of:

Kristen Rizzuto

Allison Beler

Breanna Gribble

Mari Meade

Rachel Caldwell

Nicole Touzien

Kristina Hazelbaker

Lauren Beasley

Mary Schindler

Mary Angelo

Valerie Guido

Jesse Scheinin